Sunday, September 2, 2007

SPACE MARINES - BLOOD ANGELS versus Lost and the Damned

Game: Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition, 40k in 40 minutes
Opponent: Wayne
Armies: 400 points
Blood Angels:
  • HQ
    • Commander, jump pack, plasma pistol, power weapon
  • Elites
    • Death Company marine, jump pack
  • Troops
    • 5 Tactical marines, heavy bolter
    • 5 Tactical marines missile launcher
  • Fast Attack
    • 5 Assault marines 2 plasma pistols
Lost and the Damned:
  • HQ
    • Aspiring champion with power fist
  • Troops
    • 5 traitors with shotguns, flamer
    • Mutant squad, leader with powerfist
  • Heavy Support
    • 5 spawn
    • Basilisk
Terrain and Deployment
A fairly sparse board with a river dividing the board from deployment zone to deployment zone on my right. Wayne accidentally set up out of deployment order and positioned his basilisk opposite my assault squad on my right. His traitors set up near the tank. The mutants took the middle and the spawn took the left. I put the commander and the death company marine in the centre and I set the tactical squads up on the left.

The game
My assault squad survived two turns of fire on the way in and then they vaped the basilisk. The traitors tied them up for the rest of the game.

The tactical squads refused my left flank and laid down covering fire which was mostly ineffective. The main damage was done when my commander and the lone death company marine made it into combat with the mutant squad. The commander hit the aspiring champion and killed him before he could respond with his powerfist and the rest was a formality.

The only threat to the Blood Angels was the spawn squad that promptly failed two stupidity tests in a row and played no part in the game. A solid victory for the marines.

Result: win

  • Blood Angels - The commander for killing the Aspiring champion and then butchering the mutant squad.
  • Traitors - For at least putting up a fight with the assault squad.

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