Tuesday, September 4, 2007

HORDES OF CHAOS versus Dark Elves

Game: Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th edition
Opponent: Gary
Armies: 500 points
  • Aspiring Champion with Shield
  • 12 Warriors full command
  • 4 Knights, champion and standard
  • 6 Warhounds
Dark Elves:
  • Noble
  • 10 Repeater crossbows
  • 16 Spearelves full command
  • 8 Dark Riders spears
Terrain and deployment
I had my Warhounds on the left flank, the Knights on the right and the Warriors in the centre. The Dark Elves deployed squashed up on my right with the crossbows on the hill and the Spearelves at its foot.

The game
I won first turn and moved the whole army forward. The Dark Riders charged my Knights, were beaten and overrun. The Knights then charged the Crossbows, hit them and destroyed them all. The Warhounds and Warriors got into a brawl with the Spearelves. The Elf noble was killed in single combat by the Aspiring Champion. The rest of the unit routed and were wiped out.

Result: win - a convincing victory for Chaos!

  • Chaos - the Knights
  • Dark Elves - the Spearelves

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