Saturday, December 15, 2007

CAMPAIGN: Phoenix campaign turn 3

Icareane leapt from the ramp of the Wave Serpent and strode towards Farseer Lauthelias.
'I am the commander of this mission and you will follow my orders.'
'Even if they result in the loss of precious Eldar lives, including your own?'
'Which part of "you will follow my orders" do you not understand?'
'The time was not right. We should use the tunnel.'
'The tunnel is slow and just as dangerous. It could collapse at any moment. In any case we can't bring the Falcons, Fire Prisms or Wave Serpents to bear through the tunnel.'
'The winds will die, but for now we need to advance where we can with surety.'
Icareane turned his back on the Farseer. Eventually, he willed his communicator into life.
'Taraq. Move up to the peninsula and take the tunnel mouth.'
Taraq and his Striking Scorpions rose as one and began picking their way through the rubble toward the light.

'Jaxx is Dead?'
'We have not recovered his body but we believe so.'
'Have we heard from Brakar?'
'He is in position. The communications array is secure.'
'Excellent. It's time for us to take the fight to the Eldar.'
'How do we proceed?'
'Gather a strike force from the airbase. The Eldar infiltrators are using the smog of the weapons testing range as a base on the peninsula. We will find them and crush them.'
'Very well my Lord.'

Profuge got back up to his feet and left the chamber.

Tchoi Guerez, Captain of the Exigators 1st Company, Tyrant of the Kjalter Sector, beloved of Abaddon, vanguard of the Skolarii Sector incursion, flexed his lightning claw.

'Eldar, eh? This could be fun.'

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