Saturday, December 15, 2007

CAMPAIGN: Phoenix campaign turn 1

Autarch Icareane Stood on the windswept southern tip of Orzark island looking out at Tyro peninsula. The Chaos Space Marines were out there somewhere. Why hadn't Saduras reported back yet?

The initial infiltration had begun well. The entrance to the webway, on Orzark island north of his current location, was well guarded by Dark Reapers, Wraithlords and Support weapon batteries. To the southwest, fifty metres under the seabed, Striking Scorpions and Wraithguard were securing the tunnel to the peninsula. Falcons, Fire Prisms and Wave Serpents stood ready near Icareane. The invasion proper would begin once Saduras had reported contact. Why hadn't Saduras reported back yet?

Saduras had taken a unit of his Rangers onto the peninsula to report back on enemy movements. At first his information had been regular and valuable. Most of the Exigators positions and forces had been logged. Lauthelias wanted to launch the attack. Icareane agreed. Strike swift and strike hard. Saduras wanted more time. The Eldar Rangers were almost in position. A decisive blow could be struck.

Icareane was becoming impatient.
Why hadn't Saduras reported back yet?

There was a commotion. Icareane could see Farseer Lauthelias marching through the Eldar fliers towards his Falcon. The Autarch smiled. Dire Avenger Exarch Laconfir joined the Autarch. 'Are we ready to strike?' asked the Exarch. 'I have a feeling we will be ready very soon,' replied Icareane.

The communicator in Icareane's helm blinked for attention. With a thought he opened the channel. 'Starstriders are engaged, arch-enemy pinned down. Request assistance.' Icareane could hear that Saduras' voice was steady despite the dull thud of boltgun rounds near him.

Icareane held his arm aloft and the Falcon and Wave Serpent crews took to their craft. Laconfir donned his helm.

'Incoming,' said Icareane into his communicator.

The campaign kicked off in an unusual fashion. Gary had written up some skirmish rules to be played between the infiltrators and scouts of the enemy forces before the first battle. The winner of the skirmish would then get to attack the location of their choice, choose the mission and get choice of first turn.

The Eldar Rangers and War Walker ganged up on the Chaos Chosen and won the skirmish. Gary chose to strike at location 4 from location 5 and picked a cleanse mission, with the Eldar taking first turn. Unsurprisingly, the Eldar won the encounter and took the location. Then we went on to the second campaign turn.

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