Saturday, December 15, 2007

CAMPAIGN: Phoenix campaign turn 2

'It's impossible.'
'Nothing is impossible. Fly better.'
The Guardian gritted his teeth as the Wave Serpent dropped vertically ten metres in the viscious crosswind. Icareane was thrown about in his harness. The Howling Banshees looked on impassively.

'Keep going you maggots,' yelled Brakar. The Chaos Marines redoubled their efforts and scrambled up the ridge. The terrain was lousy; heavily wooded with thick undergrowth. Wind howled along face of the ridge and footing was treacherous. The Marines knew that Brakar wouldn't care about that. If they didn't take the ridge before the Eldar arrived he'd shoot someone to make an example of. His squad feared him more than any enemy they had ever faced.

'We have to turn back,' said the Guardian.
'We have to reinforce Saduras on the peninsula,' replied Icareane.
The Eldar attack could not be halted by something as lowly as the weather. Icareane would not face that humiliation. If the Eldar could capture the Exigators communication array now, while it was virtually undefended, they could disrupt the arch-enemy before they could co-ordinate a plan. With the Chaos Marines scattered across the peninsula they would be easy prey for the Eldar. But the Eldar had to get there through the gales.

Brakar was the first to reach the summit. He raced over to the communications array in the converted Imperial bunker. It remained unharmed. Brakar's squad fell in around him. 'Chritaz. Get this array functional. The rest of you maggots, with me.' Brakar stomped over to the high ground facing north-east. From here he had a commanding view over the northern tip of the peninsula, the tempestuous sea and Orzark island beyond. The wind hammered into his armoured bulk, threatening to blow him off the ridge.

Black dots resolved into the shape of Falcons and Wave Serpents sweeping in over the sea but the Eldar craft were being buffeted by the screaming gales. 'They're coming maggots. We'll taste Eldar blood today,' laughed Brakar.

'Farseer Lauthelias' Falcon is breaking formation,' said the Guardian.
Icareane did not reply. He was looking straight at Exarch Sheira. She stared straight back from behind her Banshee mask. Icareane knew she would be smiling.
'Turn back,' snarled Icareane.

Chritaz came up to his leader. 'Array is functioning.'

Even as Brakar watched the lead Falcon peeled off and headed back to Orzark. The other Eldar craft continued for a second then turned back. The ferocious winds had beaten them.

Brakar was apoplectic. 'Too late,' said Brakar and shot Chritaz in the face. More Exigators squads converged on the array. 'Form a perimeter,' shouted Brakar. 'They will get here eventually and we will spill their blood!'

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