Sunday, November 25, 2007

CHAOS SPACE MARINES versus Chaos Space Marines

Game: Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition
Mission: Patrol
1st turn: Unknown
Date: 25/03/2003

Chaos Space Marines (lone pilgrim)
  • Daemon prince Lamprey - Mark of Chaos Undivided, Daemonic Stature, Daemonic Armour, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Spawn, Dreadaxe
  • SquadSurculus - 5 Possessed, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Daemonic Talons
  • Squad Infractis – 7 Chaos Marines, Infiltrate, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Bolt pistols and Close combat weapons, 2 x Plasma Pistols, Aspiring Champion with Powerfist
  • Squad Profuge - 7 Chaos Marines, Infiltrate, Mark of Chaos Undivided, Bolt guns, 2 x Plasma guns
  • Squad Imber - 5 Havocs,Infiltrate, Mark of Chaos Undivided, bolt guns, 3 x Heavy Bolt guns
  • Torius - Predator, Twin-linked Lascannons, Heavy Bolt gun Sponsons
  • Atrocitor - Dreadnought, Twin-linked Lascannons

Chaos Space Marines
  • Possessed squad with flight
  • Tooled up Lord with flight and two lightning claws
  • Dread with plasma cannon
  • Havocs
  • 2x marine squads
The game
Couldn’t be more different from last opponent - going from a horde army to an elite army.

Suspicions started when Wayne moved a building into his deployment zone for some extra cover. Then he moved out of it without rolling difficult terrain, and targeted a unit of mine in terrain claiming they didn’t get a save. Finally he tried to claim a save for his men when I returned fire. Perhaps this was just inexperience though as he also got mixed up with the daemon summoning rules (in his favour of course!).

Anyway I won the battle when I hosed down his possessed with heavy bolter fire from the Havocs and Predator. I dithered with the Daemon Prince and he ended up doing nothing for the whole game, but the possessed and close combat squad did well again.

Result: Win

Learning points
  • I MUST check the rules on difficult terrain with my opponent before the game.
  • Be more positive with Daemon Prince otherwise he is wasted.
  • I roll well for possessed in every game. Long may it continue!
  • This is a VERY tight army list. I have not lost with it yet, even though I am new to Chaos. Is it bordering on the cheesy? I will change it for next week and find out.

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