Wednesday, July 9, 2008

VOGEN CAMPAIGN: Introduction

Nightbringer in a 1000 point army? Pimped out Daemon Princes and multiple units of Bloodletters? The Red Terror and a winged Hive Tyrant in 1000 points? Entire Death Company armies? This could only mean one thing - a campaign!

Our Battle Bunker organised a campaign for 40k based loosely around the Games Workshop Vogen campaign. It used the Vogen map, and staffer Paul put together some rules to affect each army depending on the area fought over. You could get additional points for your army, for example, or a bonus weapon (someone picked up a power weapon that always wounds on a 2+), or something that will reduce an opponents army.

The campaign was to run for six weeks. Players could play as many games as they liked in that space of time, against whomever they chose. Points were won for playing games - more for winning of course- and the player with the highest points total at the end of the campaign would win the city of Vogen (and bragging rights in the store!).

I chose to play my Radical Daemonhunters, led by Inquisitor Severus.

Knowing that there would be a few tough armies flying around I went back to the painting table to add some more models to my Radicals. I painted and converted two more combat servitors to Severus' squad as well as another mystic, taking the model count to ten. The Mystics and Acolytes were there to absorb wounds so that I could get 14 S6 powerfist attacks on the charge. Potentially very nasty.

The other additions were fairly minor, including squeezing a Hierophant into Kurven's squad to boost his leadership (regular readers of my gaming diary will probably remember how many times they have fallen back under pretty light fire - i.e. I can't pass a leadership check on an 8), and I put a searchlight and hunter killer missile on Severus' rhino.

This was to be their last outing for some time; could I go out on a winning note?

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