Monday, October 8, 2007


Game: Warhammer 40,000 4th edition
Opponent: Gary

Again I turned up with a 1500 point army and again I played a much smaller game against Necrons. Gary had enjoyed his run out with the over-excited toasters so much he went out and bought some Heavy Destroyers to add to his army. I simply added a Predator to my previous list.

Points value: 950
: Seek and Destroy
Level: Alpha
First turn: Chaos

Chaos Space Marines

  • Lieutenant on Bike, Lightning Claw
  • 5 Marines, meltagun, heavy bolter
  • 5 Marines, plasma gun, heavy bolter
  • 5 Marines, plasma gun, lascannon
  • 5 Marines, flamer, plasma pistol, Aspiring champion with powerfist
  • 5 Marines, plasma gun, missile launcher
  • 6 Daemonettes
  • Dreadnought, twin lascannon
  • Predator, twin Lascannon and Heavy Bolter sponsons
  • 10 Warriors
  • 10 Warriors
  • 4 Destroyers
  • Heavy Destroyer
  • Heavy Destroyer
  • Necron Lord with Resurrection Orb and Nightmare veil
  • 6 Scarab bases
Deployment and Terrain
The photograph below shows the terrain and deployment after the end of the first turn.

The Game
Gary won the choice of first turn but gave it to me. I moved up around the right of the pivotal wood. Long range lascannon fire dropped two Warriors.

The Necrons swept around the left of the wood. My Daemonettes summoned into the wood but failed to contact the Destroyers. The Scarabs charged in and killed them all. This in turn left them vulnerable to a charge from my close assault squad and the aspiring champion began to swat them with his powerfist.

Meanwhile, the Lord teleported and scattered to my left. I killed four Necrons and the survivors broke. They didn't run far, though, and decent We'll be Back rolls meant the squad rallied. I lost an entire squad to Destroyer fire.

The Destroyer took out the Dreadnought, too, with two sixes on the glancing chart. My Lieutenant whizzed out around the back of the woods to threaten the trailing, and so far untouched, Warrior squad. He wasn't required, though, as my close assault squad finished off the scarabs and slaughtered the Warriors in a single shattering charge.

The Necron Lord teleported right into my lines and killed several marines. They took light casualties before zipping off and reappearing behind the Predator. The vehicle exploded in another glancing 6. A las/plas squad stepped up to deliver the hurt, but they failed to do any real damage and the Lord punished them for their failure.

I now went after the Heavy Destroyers, trying to reduce the Necron scoring units. One fell to a lascannon shot then my melta gun squad flubbed its rolls to kill the other. The Lieutenant dropped him instead with some lucky combi-bolter shots.

The Lord and his Warriors shot up another of my units, while the Destroyers killed my Lieutenant. We both had a single scoring unit left at the end of the game.

Result: Draw

Necrons - teleporting Lord
Chaos - close assault marines

Turning point
The Necron WBB and rally rolls to save the Lord's teleporting unit.

Learning points
  • Gary played this game very sportingly which allowed me to draw the game. We both enjoyed the wild swings of fortune during the battle.
  • The Necrons have the edge in mobility and firepower. The CSM have an assault advantage but no real way to engage in the combat. Even the Lieutenant, who had an 18" assault move, didn't get into a single scrap.

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