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Game: Warhammer 40,000 5th edition
Opponent: Gary
Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Dawn of War
1st turn: Blood Angels
Points: 1500
Location: 278.M41, Mandag, Hexen Sub, Skolarii sector
Background: The Chaos Daemons are drawn to the the Adeptus Astra Telepathica in Skardallen, sensing the flickering psychic beacons of two powerful psykers in the warp. The Blood Angels scramble to rescue Molossian and Epirote before their brains can be used as a bridge for more Daemons to manifest. Following a vicious but ultimately indecisive confrontation both armies refuse to back down and more reinforcements rush to the battlefield.

Blood Angels
  • Chaplain, plasma pistol, jump pack
  • 5 Death Company Marines with jump packs
  • 10 Tactical Marines, flamer, Vet sergeant with Powerfist, missile launcher, Rhino
  • 5 Tactical Marines, melta gun, Vet sergeant with Powerfist
  • Furioso Dreadnought, Venerable, Death Company
  • Predator Destructor with autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons
  • Land Raider
  • Land Speeder with multi-melta
  • 10 Assault Marines, Vet Sergeant with Power Weapon, Two Plasma Pistols

Chaos Daemons

  • Bloodthirster
  • Winged Slaaneshi Daemon Prince
  • Daemon Prince
  • 10 Bloodletters, Standard, Musician
  • 10 Bloodletters
  • 5 Bloodletters
  • 7 Daemonettes
  • 8 Flesh Hounds
  • 8 Flesh Hounds
  • 3 Flamers
  • Herald of Tzeentch

Terrain and deployment

The battlefield was scattered with two and three level ruins about 12" to 18" from each other. Gary had obviously learned from his last game and put his objective close to mine. I began with my entire army in reserve and with all the Daemons deep striking we had an empty table.

My plan was to go hell for leather to capture one objective and drip feed units into the other to contest it.

The game
Gary dropped everything in around my objective with all his units mutually supporting each other. There were twenty five Bloodletters, seven Daemonettes and a Bloodthirster all around the objective. Many of them were within assault range of my board edge and I hoped to get the units to be able to steam in.

I got the regular Dreadnought, Raider and Predator. Rats!

I brought the Raider, Predator and Dreadnought onto the left flank and shot everything at the Bloodthirster but failed to hurt it.

A Flesh hound unit and the winged Daemon Prince dropped in on the left to oppose my forces. The second Flesh hound unit landed in between both objectives. The regular Daemon Prince scattered onto his own models and I got to place him in the top right corner of the board so he played no part in the game.

I brought the Rhino and Tactical Marines onto the left too, hoping to stretch the Daemon army. I had also switched my focus from taking my own objective to just contesting it and taking the Daemon objective. With the help of the Predator I killed six Flesh hounds. I flew the Assault squad up nearby.

I zoomed the Speeder up the extreme right. My Chaplain and Death Company came on too and I took a risk by taking on the Bloodthirster. Again my Land Raider and Dreadnought shot at the Greater Daemon, as did the Speeder but it shrugged off all wounds. By this stage it had emerged unscathed from four lascannon shots, three multi-melta shots, three heavy bolter shots and four stormbolter shots.

The Chaplain led the Death Company into the assault and took a wound off the beast. My Dreadnought charged in at the same time but was destroyed immediately. The Bloodletters charged in en masse and my Chappie and DC were slaughtered.

The Daemonettes charged my static Predator thanks to a 6" Fleet roll and blew it up. I flew my Assault squad back to wipe the lithe Daemons out in return. The surviving hounds on my left charged my dismounted Tactical squad but were killed a turn later. The winged Daemon Prince moved cautiously up behind.

Gary dropped the Flamers into a very risky position but it paid off when they immobilised the advancing Land Raider. The Tactical squad inside leapt out and killed the Flamers. That meant the remaining unit of Flesh hounds could now charge in. The Marines fought ferociously and took the dogs down to just three models.

My Death Company Dreadnought eventually came on from reserve and it charged into a Bloodletter squad who were acting as a bodyguard to the Bloodthirster. I rolled terribly, though, and only killed two Bloodletters. The Bloodthirster counter charged and exploded it.

In the fifth turn I made my desperate moves; I flew the Speeder onto my objective amidst a sea of Daemons and I turbo boosted my Rhino full of Tactical Marines toward the Daemon objective. Typically I rolled a one and the vehicle was immobilised in some ruins.

My Raider Tactical squad could still have made it to the objective if they killed the hounds but the winged Daemon Prince flew in to tie them up leaving the objective unclaimed.

Now all the Daemons had to do was tear the Speeder out of the sky. Three squads of Bloodletters charged in but the couldn't bring it down.

The game ended there.

Result: Draw

Learning points
  • In terms of victory points, loss of units and sheer carnage the Daemons kicked my ass but I kept to the mission and luckily pulled out a draw. If Gary had tried to control his own objective a little earlier he would have comfortably won the game.
  • When will Gary ever roll less than a six on the vehicle damage chart? Statistically I'm due about three games where all of my vehicles survive until the end of the game. At least my Speeder hung in there.
  • Conversely that Bloodthirster passed virtually every save it had to make. Outrageous!

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