Sunday, April 6, 2008

CHAOS SPACE MARINES versus Daemonhunters

Game: Warhammer 40,000 3rd edition
Opponent: Steve
Mission: Cleanse
1st turn: ?
Points: 1000
Chaos Space Marines
  • Forax Tork – Chaos Lieutenant, Mark of Nurgle, Plague sword, Spiky bits, Daemonic mutation, Nurgles Rot
  • Evomere Incursus – Chaos Sorceror, Mark of Nurgle, Bolt pistol and close combat weapon, Warp Talisman, Wind of Chaos, Bionics
  • Squad Putid- 6 Chosen, Mark of Nurgle, Aspiring Champion with Plague Banner, 2x Aspiring Champion with Meltagun, Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon, Rhino with Plague Carrier and Extra Armour
  • Squad Pestis – 7 Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Nurgle, Flamer, Aspiring Champion with Bolt pistol and Close Combat Weapon
  • Squad Odoratus – 7 Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Nurgle, Plasma gun, Aspiring Champion with Combi Bolter
  • Squad Contagio – 7 Chaos Space Marines, Mark of Nurgle, Plasma pistol, Aspiring Champion with Power fist
  • Inquisitor and large retinue in rhino
  • Inquisitor with small retinue with 3 heavy bolters
  • 2 death cult assassins
  • Eversor assassin
  • 5 stormtroopers
  • 2 units of grey knights
The game
He stood back to shoot, essentially stranding my men who took many casualties and many turns to reach the enemy.

I almost pulled it back when my HQ got into combat but it was too little too late.

Result: Loss

Learning points
  • My army is far too slow.
  • My men are too few; I got unlucky with a handful of saves and it decimated my army.
  • Not enough long range weapons to threaten units dodging combat.

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